RL Ray: Entry-Level Violin Outfit w/ Shaped Case & Brazilwood Bow: $600.00

These entry level violins are hand-made exclusively for us and are a great introduction to the instrument.  Our professional set-up and quality workmanship ensure that you or your student will enjoy learning and will sound good doing it!

RL Ray: Student-Level Violin Outfit W/ Shaped Case & Brazilwood Bow: $825

This instrument features some special upgrades from our entry-level outfits; crafted with fine tonewood that has been cured for an extended time, this violin features fine craftsmanship and varnish to ensure a great playing experience and an increased depth of tone and character as it matures.  This instrument is sure to out-preform it's predecessor! 

RL Ray Atelier: Intermediate-Student Violin "Orchestra" $1,100

This violin is the product of our Atelier (workshop) apprentices, who craft this instrument to reflect the needs of a developing player.  The "Orchestra" has a definite finesse: warm, rich and responsive, this is the perfect instrument for young chamber-music and orchestral players who want to make a lasting impression on their audience.  Stand out and impress!

RL Ray Atelier: Advancing-Student Violin "Concerto" $2,500

The "Concerto" is the most capable instrument in the RL Ray line of instruments.  These instruments are made by the most qualified luthiers in our atelier, who exhibit their skills with the finest wood and craftsmanship available in this price-range.  The "Concerto" matches aesthetic appeal with musical responsiveness, combining richness and personality with playability and power.  Whether you are auditioning for an orchestra spot, filling a recital hall, or simply practicing in front of your dogs, this violin out-preforms all others in the RL Ray Line.  Give this instrument a try, and you'll understand why it's one of our best sellers!