Practice Prodigies FAQ


Who can participate? String students who have not graduated from high school and are committed to improving their daily practice habits. 

How does it work? Students interested in participating in the program will need an official practice log to track their progress. For every consecutive day  that they practice  AT LEAST 20 minutes outside of class or lesson time, their parent or guardian will initial the next empty space in the log. 

Why do some days have stars on them? When a student practices enough days in a row to reach a starred day, they can bring their practice log to the shop for a surprise!

When can I start? You can pick up a practice log at our shop, or download a PDF of a blank practice log HERE.

My student practiced 100 days and wants to keep going! What now? Awesome! We’ve had enough students decide to continue their practice streaks that we have created new practice logs to track their continuing progress. PDFs are available for students trying to practice 200 days and 300 days.