"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind"

— Johannes Brahms

  • Fine Instruments and Bows
    • Rare, antique, modern & contemporary instruments for students, professionals & collectors.
  • Evaluations & Appraisals
    • We are happy to evaluate your instrument's condition and recommend any repairs needed.  
    • We also offer written and oral appraisals for your instrument.  We cannot do this via phone or email.
  • Annual Maintenance
    • Maintaining your instrument is an integral part of your instrument's longevity, playability and your success as a musician.  We're happy to provide regular maintenance checks free of charge.  
    • We recommend changing your strings annually.  New strings can bring fresh life to your instrument, and changing brands can often provide different (or even better!) tone qualities.  We'd be happy to guide you.
    • Your bow should also be maintained regularly.  We recommend getting fresh hair annually or sooner if you're an avid player.  We're happy to provide you a loaner bow while yours is in the shop.  
  • Repairs & Restorations
    • From fine sound adjustments to full reconstructive restorations- and everything in between.
    • We do everything from basic rehairs to custom making here in the shop!
  • New Making
    • Custom handmade instruments and bows.
  • Rental Program
    • Handcrafted instruments at affordable prices to assure your learning experience will be a pleasant one.
  • Consignments
    • We are happy to consider your instrument as a possible consignment.  Please contact us for more information.  
  • Accessories
    • Everything you or your instrument need to excel, make an impression, and do it in style!