We are happy to feature the work of past and contemporary makers.  In this price range, we regularly have violins from Mittenwald, Paris, Prague, Budapest, BubenreuthMirecourt and the U.S.  Our violin selection is large and ever-changing, but here are a few of the makers we currently have on hand.  Please contact us for more information.

Scott Smith: Contemporary. Seattle, Washington.  For more information about this maker, please visit Smith's website: Scott A. Smith Violins

Leon Bernardel: 1853 - 1931. Paris, France.  Worked with Derazey and Gand; Founded his own establishment in 1899.  Decorated officer of the French Academy, 1900.  There are 3 models of instrument from the Bernardel Workshop: Student, Artist and Master.  Pictures of Master Violin: Front, Back, Scroll

Klaus L. Clement: Contemporary. Leipzig, Germany.  For more information, please visit Clement's website: Geigenbau Clement.  We currently have several instruments from his personal workshop.  Pictures of Violin: Front, Back, Scroll.

John Juzek: Janek Juzek himself was a violin maker and crafted instruments in his workshop in Prague, occasionally using wood from torn down houses and churches.  The label 'John Juzek' was a trade name used by Metropolitan Music Co., run by Janek's brother, Robert.  The trade instruments were originally made in Prague, but were imported from Markneukirchen after 1941.  Pictures of Violin: Front, Back, Scroll.

Georges Apparut: 1877 - 1948.  Mirecourt, France.  Began his apprenticeship at age 14 in his father's workshop. Worked with Paul Blanchard, Georges Mougenot, Marc Laberte, Pouzolle, Victor Joseph Charotte and later trained more than 20 apprentices.  He won several honors and awards during his career, including silver and gold medals at the international exhibitions in Nancy (1909), Brussels (1910), and Gand (1913).  Pictures of Violin: Front, Back, Scroll.

Francois Barzoni: 1880 - 1920. Trade instrument made at Chateau-Thierry (France), exclusively for Beare and Son, London.  Modelling taken from examples of Cremonese art, with perhaps a preference for the Guarnerius model.  

Oskar C. Mienel: Trade instrument made in Markneukirchen (Germany), exclusively for the Roth firm.  We currently have a nice model from 1938. 

John Osnes: Contemporary. Anchorage, Alaska.  For more information, please visit Osnes' website: Osnes Violins Pictures of Violin: Front, Back, Scroll.